About Us

CTCL delivers an essential service to rural seniors, persons with disabilities, and other individuals. We provide transportation to medical appointments, stores, businesses, social engagements, school, and employment as well as offering small charters. Although anyone can use our service and we transport people of all ages, seniors currently make up 70 percent of our riders.

VISION: to ensure that residents of Colchester County get where they need to go.

MISSION: to provide an efficient, reliable, quality transportation service meeting the needs of the citizens of Colchester County.

Working with municipal and provincial partners, CTCL provides a valuable service and fills an important gap in community services while helping to support isolated and marginalized community members. As a safe, affordable and accessible community transportation service, CTCL provides access not only to essential services but also to recreational and social and cultural activities.

We work to connect our clients to their communities. By providing them transportation we help break down social barriers and build community partnerships that help keep people living in their homes longer.We look forward to continued growth and increased service for the residents of Colchester County.

Colchester Transportation Cooperative Ltd (CTCL) was established in November 1999 as a not-for-profit cooperative offering affordable, reliable, accessible transportation to residents of Colchester County. At that time we hadone bus and one driver.

We currently have nine paid employees consisting of an executive director, dispatcher/administrative assistant, and seven drivers. Our six-vehicle fleet works Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm delivering our Dial-a-Ride service. Charter services times are based on client booking requests.

CTCL has continued to grow since its inception and continues to see an increase in ridership. Since 2015 we have hadsubstantial increases in the use of our service. In 2019 alone we drove over 117,000 km and transported over 22,000 individuals.

We are looking to future expansion which may extend to later in the evenings are weekend service. A volunteer board of directors governs CTCL.

Teresa Higgins, Board Chair
Tim Currie, Vice Chair
Roxie Jew, Secretary
Doug Ross, Treasurer
Terry LaPointe, Past Chair

Executive Director: Susan Taylor
Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant: Tiffany
Drivers: Wade, Jim, Tim, Michael

CTCL is actively seeking new board members. Please consider being a member of our Board of Directors and help us grow this service to ensure that all residents of Colchester County get to where they need to go!

Without the generous support of our funding partners CTCL would not be able to provide our transportation services for Colchester County residents. Thank you for your continued support.