Our Rates

Per person/one way
Up to 5 km: $5.00
5.1-10 km: $7.00
10.1 – 15 km: $9.00
15.1 – 20 km: $11.00
20.1 km or more: 75¢ per km

If you are in need of an assistant to help you from your home and on and off the bus, your attendant rides for free. You must advise dispatch at time of booking that you require assistance and register your assistant with us.

Groups of up to 18 people/bus
Please call 902-896-7433 for a customized quote

Service Standard Policies

  1. Be prepared that there are times where things happen and our vehicles may be running late such as a vehicle breakdown, traffic and accident etc. Should a delay in service occur every effort will be made to contact the clients affected.
  2. The driver will not wait any longer than 10 minutes past the scheduled time reserved for pickup.
  3. The driver will assist wheelchair passengers on and off the bus but pickup and delivery of passengers is to curbside only.
  4. Drivers are not required to assist passengers with packages, so passengers should limit packages to what they can carry.
  5. Drivers are not permitted to enter any clients homes.
  6. Clients needing assistance should make arrangements to have someone with them. This person travels free but must be registered with CTCL at time of booking.
  7. Attendants are required to get on and off the bus at the same location as the client.
  8. CTCL reserves the right to assess the clients’ need for an attendant.
  9. Seat belts must be worn by all passengers.
  10. CTCL reserved the right to refuse service to non-compliant passengers.

Cancellation Policies

  1. Please call 902-896-7433 to cancel an appointment.(what about cancelling via email?)
  2. Cancellations are to be received by our office a minimum of two hours prior to your scheduled pickup time.
  3. If your pickup time is scheduled for before 8 am you are required to cancel no later than 6:30 am the day of your booking. That is the earliest time messages are checked by our office.
  4. Do not call drivers to cancel your appointment. Calling a driver does not relinquish you of your responsibility to ensure that the office is notified. Failure to provide proper notice to our office will result in a cancellation fee of either half the trip or the whole trip, depending on the circumstances.
  5. Please consider others who wish to use the service. Book time for when you know you are available. If you need to cancel please provide us with as much notice as possible. This allows us to book someone else in that time slot.